With GDS Hosted Video Service, the GDS-NOC team of experts manages all critical multiparty videoconferences in the cloud from start to finish.

VPN over 3g solutions

This service allows customers to use any compatible endpoint on any network to connect over video with colleagues, clients and partners. With this service, customers are guaranteed a high-quality experience.

The GDS Hosted Video Service is designed to connect video users around world, whether they are using immersive telepresence, conference room, and desktop or mobile devices. Customers registered to GDS Hosted Video Services can get access to a full suite of cloud-hosted video services, including managed conferencing and webcasting.


  • Point-to-point and multi-point video calls
  • High-definition video quality experience
  • Desktop sharing/file transfer/slide shows
  • On-demand streaming services
  • Call centre feature
  • Managed address book


  • Zero infrastructure investment
  • Reduced travel expenses
  • Datacentre-based service availability
  • Proactive management and support
  • Availability of experts [when and where needed]
  • Competitive edge through easier collaborative work

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