GDS wired DSL offers a high-availability connection for your business.

GDS launched its advanced DSL access network [in the context of local-loop unbundling] across Lebanon. Nokia (Euronext Paris: NOKIA and NYSE: NOK), the undisputed world leader in DSL networks, supplied the CO (central office) equipment supporting a range of modes, including ADSL 2+, Reach ADSL, Annex M, SHDSL and VDSL.

The GDS DSL access network design relies on a bidirectional, highly resilient, fibre optic ring running through COs housing GDS Terabit core routers used as aggregation points for other COs via MoT’s fibre transport infrastructure. This setup is completely independent from the wireless service network.

Wired Solutions

All locations served access the network using ADSL/SHDSL technologies over the copper telephone infrastructure to reach GDS-DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers) located in the COs, which serve as access nodes.

Using MoT’s fiber transport infrastructure, these DSLAMs are then connected to the main DSL core routers where layer 3 over MPLS protocol is implemented.

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