Managing a telecommunications network is a heavy responsibility.

When the network status is constantly monitored, IT employees are spending less time focusing on their core projects. This is where the GDS Managed CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) Service can help. Created to relieve your IT personnel from the burden of monitoring your network, this service helps maximize your WAN network availability, performance, and efficiency.

The biggest advantage of the GDS Managed CPE Service is that it provides turnkey management of the WAN routers, including installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. By opting for this service, customers benefit from a fully outsourced solution that extends the equipment, network management and telecommunications expertise of GDS directly to their premises.

The GDS managed CPE service is reliable, cost effective and provides a 24/7/365 coverage.

Managed CPE Service
Managed CPE Service
Managed CPE Service


  • Installation of CPE hardware and Operating System
  • Configuration of CPE to defined functionality
  • Modification of configuration
  • CPE Operating System maintenance
  • Backup of CPE configuration


Predict network cost and problem areas to prevent unnecessary upgrades, reduce network outages, improve response and repair time in the event that an outage occurs. Through this service, GDS helps customers to:

  • Address lack/shortage of internal skills/resources
  • Reduce network operations costs
  • Refocus resources on core business

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