Cloud migration Lebanon

Cloud services Lebanon

  • Secure your backups both on-premise & in the Cloud, implementing daily process management & conducting regular recovery process.
  • Cloud Migration Services
    Effortlessly migrate to the cloud & unlock new possibilities for your business
  • Unrivalled expertise as Service Provider.
    From connectivity to network infrastructure we give you access to hands-on experience
  • We Analyze & Review
    Your Security Practices
  • Extend your team with a managed service
    provider with decades of experience
    for a faster time-to-market.
  • Managed detection & response
    with experienced security experts to keep you safe 24/7
  • Our pen testing services
    can identify weaknesses & fortify protections
  • Defending against cyber threats
    in the ever-evolving connected world

Connectivity Services

Fiber, DSL for internet, Enterprise & Corporate Services

Managed Services

Managed CPE Services,
Hosted Video Services, Managed Firewall Services

Security Services

Protection, Monitoring, Assessment

Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Google Workspace

Operating since 1997, GlobalCom Data Services (GDS) is a proud member of Globalcom Holding S.A.L., and is the national leader in wireless data communications. GDS offers a complete range of protocol-independent data telecommunication services.
23 years of experience

We have reached the market leader position through state-of-the-art equipment complemented by a dedicated customer service center and carried by national coverage from Kobayat in the North to Mayss-El-Jabal in the far South of Lebanon.

Connectivity and Security Solutions for your Business


GDS grants its customers the chance to exchange information more reliably and with better signal quality.

VPN over 4G Solutions

Enable mobile productivity by discovering the power of 4G LTE.

Managed CPE Services

GDS provides turnkey management of the WAN routers, including installation, configuration & monitoring.

Hosted Video Services

GDS team of experts manages from start to finish all critical multiparty videoconferences in the cloud.

Managed Firewall Services

GDS provides a highly functional layer of security to your networks.

Wired Solutions

For primary or backup to the existing wireless links’ solutions, GDS wired DSL offers a high-availability connection for your business.

Security Services

Leave the security of your company in safe hands with GDS custom-designed managed solutions.

Cloud Migration Services

Effortlessly migrate to the cloud & unlock new possibilities for your business.

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